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Map Data Management

Decentralized and turnkey Map Data solutions — tailor-made for your business.

Map data management for high performance and tailored geospatial applications.

Create custom maps, overlay proprietary data, and manage custom data layers that integrate seamlessly with your APIs and SDKs.


Automated merge and maintenance

Merge and maintain map data from multiple sources in a near automated manner. Our platform automates >95% of conflicts and quality checks.


Work with telemetry and imagery data

Derive custom map data from telemetry, street and satellite imagery, private and government websites, and other sources with our AI-powered platform.


Intuitive tools for data management

Intuitive tools for crowdsourced data management across use cases including routing attributes, POIs, geofences, local regulations, and more.

Use Cases

Map data editing

Get enterprise grade map data quality for your applications with the ability to add/modify roads, routes, places and other attributes. Real-time update cycles and dedicated support for hotfixes to maintain map accuracy.

Custom routing attributes

Infer custom routing attributes using your telemetry data. Manage private layers of routing preferences by types of vehicle, local regulations, streets’ characteristics and subjective preferences.

Detailed apartment maps

Maintain detailed maps of apartments, gated communities, townships and parking lots. Optimize the last leg of your delivery for maximum delivery efficiency and seamless customer experience.

Address and POI validation

Clean, maintain and enrich custom POI layers and address data. Optimize search and geocoding, and use the actual delivery locations in your applications instead of rooftop geocodes.

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