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Improve emergency services response with better map data and AI.

Enable more responsive services and improve visibility with better maps.

Improve response times, plan routes better and optimize dispatch.


Faster response times

Enable faster and efficient emergency service response with custom map data and POIs. With real-time dynamic maps, reliable geocoded locations and custom tools, help first responders reach critical incidents in a timely manner.


Improved route planning

Create custom dispatch rules, routes and schedules for first responder fleets, based on the type of the incident and nearby facilities. Improve dispatch management and call-routing across all geographies, including rural and remote areas.


Better visibility and tracking

Track assets in real-time and identify responders closest to the incident site with detailed map data and AI-powered APIs. Leverage telematics to increase fleet visibility for control rooms, dispatchers and decision-makers.

Use Cases

Efficient route planning

Leverage up-to-date map data, and overlay it with custom rules and telemetry data to create efficient evacuation route planning. Provide validated and dispatchable addresses to first responders and ambulance services — even for locations with unstructured addresses — with our Geocoding and Search APIs.

Optimize dispatch engine

Optimize dispatch for incident response in real-time and get accurate estimated arrival time with our Directions, Distance and Snap-to-Road APIs. Enable data-driven allocation that takes into account traffic conditions, response unit availability and responder capabilities.

Custom routing preferences

Ensure responder fleet never hits a roadblock in critical situations by reflecting custom routing rules in your maps. Identify roads that responders’ vehicles can access with custom map data. Flag road closures, traffic congestions and other incidents to optimize routes in real-time.

Integrate with traffic infrastructure

Avoid disconnect between dispatching decisions and on-field situations with real-time traffic and travel data. To enable faster response, integrate with traffic infrastructure by getting access to reliable custom data.

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