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Improve unit economics and gross margins with better map data and AI.

Optimize the order economics of grocery deliveries with better maps.

Improve route planning, increase on-time deliveries and reduce cost per delivery.


Faster arrival times

Boost the efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of your route optimization engine with our scalable mapping solutions. Lower average delivery times with geocoding tools that work well even with unstructured addresses.


Efficient asset utilization

Maximize asset utilization — across peak and non-peak times — with data-driven logistics planning. Leverage granular map data and AI to gain more visibility of under-utilized assets in real-time and improve order sorting and batching process.


Lower cost per delivery

Widen your wafer-thin margins by bringing down the average delivery costs per order with our enterprise-grade map data platform. Benefit from on-prem deployment and unlimited API calls that support large-scale-low-latency use cases.

Use Cases

Route optimization

A full-stack geospatial data platform to enhance your route planning with custom map data along with Route Optimization, Geocoding and Distance Matrix APIs. Scale freely with high volume APIs, including unlimited calls support.

Support for custom mixed fleet

Solve vehicle routing problems with customizable APIs for your fleet. Our AI-powered Distance Matrix APIs can efficiently plan and optimize last-mile routes for trucks, mini vans, cars, motor bikes and other custom vehicle types.

Accurate arrival times

Manage multiple moving parts like store listings, delivery fee estimates, driver navigation and predicted delivery times to derive actual ETAs. Gain more order batching and allocation accuracy with’s spatial data platform.

Precise geocoding

Improve pick-up and drop-off experience with AI-powered Geocoding and Search APIs that can handle unstructured addresses. Achieve better order sorting and batching efficiency with detailed internal maps of large apartments and commercial complexes.

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